iCal on Mac with Apache on Windows

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I’ve been struggling with getting the iCal app on Mac OS X to use a shared calendar on Apache installed on Windows and using domain authentication (SSPI). It is all supposed to be so simple, yet it didn’t work. Authentication failed with this message:

Access is denied at http://server.com/file.ics with this login and password

When using Safari and accessing the same webDAV url authentication works just fine. I could even download the calendar file from Safari and it would open it in iCal, but for some bizarre reason – neither Subscribing nor publishing worked

I’ll leave out all my trials and errors. Eventually it came down to SSPI authentication not working well with iCal, even with SSPIOfferBasic On and SSPIBasicPreferred On. Only when I added SSPIOfferSSPI Off did it start working…

I’m still slightly confused why no modification is allowed to subscribed calendars in iCal, as it does let you do it in Sunbird, but at least you can publish your own calendar and subscribe to other’s

Rsnapshot Server on Windows

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2009 Aug 14 Update: Looks like rsnapshot is now packaged in cygwin! Thanks to pseudo-anonymous coward for the comment! Some of the information below may still be of interest, so it’s left unchanged.

Rsnapshot is a great tool for backing up data, keeping versions and using relatively minimal disk space. From the rsnapshot website:

“rsnapshot is a filesystem snapshot utility for making backups of local and remote systems. Continue reading “Rsnapshot Server on Windows”