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Windows 2003 split DNS

[Migrated from] This is something I thought would be simple. Then I began scratching my head reading all the posts on the web, thinking I might actually need to get a proper book. Finally I realised it was actually … Continued

iCal on Mac with Apache on Windows

[Migrated from] I’ve been struggling with getting the iCal app on Mac OS X to use a shared calendar on Apache installed on Windows and using domain authentication (SSPI). It is all supposed to be so simple, yet it … Continued

Rsnapshot Server on Windows

[Migrated from] 2009 Aug 14 Update: Looks like rsnapshot is now packaged in cygwin! Thanks to pseudo-anonymous coward for the comment! Some of the information below may still be of interest, so it’s left unchanged. Rsnapshot is a great … Continued