The one (stupid) feature

My wife and I started using Amazon photos a while ago. I didn’t think that much of it first, but it was included with our Prime membership, and offered an automatic upload from our phones, plus free storage (for photos), so why not?

Fast forward a couple of years. We’ve since cancelled Prime, and I wanted to switch to Dropbox, which has comparable automatic upload, a mobile app, and superior sync with a proper linux client. But I couldn’t. Why? Because of this one (stupid) feature.

Which one?

No. It’s not the AI face recognition, nor the advanced search for scenes like “beach”. Nor is it the family share feature. It’s the most basic thing: the ability to jump right back to one year ago, or two, or three. It’s called “Memories from”, and I don’t even think Amazon lists it as one of the features or benefits of Photos.

one stupid feature (memories from)

We have a small child, and my wife spends literally every evening opening Amazon Photos. Looking at recent videos and photos we took, and then jumps back to 2017, 2016, 2015 … And it’s fun. We really see how fast he grew. Our old apartment. The holiday destination we were at 2 years ago. It’s so simple, and so powerful. And as far as I’m aware, no other photo gallery has it. Dropbox certainly doesn’t.

It’s even worse with Dropbox. It can’t recognize dates when photos were taken. Some of them it would. But some would simply be classified as “Dates missing” no matter what I do. I click on the image info, and it shows me the date. Exifinfo shows it too. Everything is there. But Dropbox can’t figure it out.

So now I’m probably going to cancel Dropbox, and stick to Amazon Drive and Photos, even though I genuinely intended to do the complete opposite. Just because of that one (stupid) feature.

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